Water Cooler Conversations

We’ve talked about diversity, now let’s talk to each other! We’ve seen the posters in the breakrooms and have been lectured to about DEI. But what does that look like in real-time around the water cooler?

This event is about more than DEI. It’s about how we, as young professionals, can move the conversation past the formal trainings & required workshops to the water cooler. How do we learn to talk to each other better?

Connect757, tHRive, Urban League of Hampton Roads Young Professionals , and the Black Systemic Equity Project present Water Cooler Conversations, a candid talk with local young professionals about race in the workplace. Engage in a laidback discussion on how we as young professionals can work to make conversations around race in the workplace less uncomfortable and more informative for everyone!

Join us for a night of open conversation, leaning in, and networking!

Let’s change the narrative!

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