Our Programs

Through our signature programs, ULHRYP supports the mission of the Urban League of Hampton Roads and promotes the development, civic involvement and social consciousness of young professionals in our community.

Join Week
Join Week is a mechanism to increase awareness and involvement in NULYP chapters by Young Professionals in their communities through a concentrated “blitz” of activity.

YP Fit
YP Fit is an initiative that encourages healthy living for NULYP members and the communities we service. Our approach to wellness is holistic with the goal of connecting the mind, body, and spirit. Chapters throughout the country participate in fitness challenges, awareness campaigns and blog series.

National Day of Service
National Urban League Young Professionals (NULYP) chapters nationwide celebrate service by joining together to promote comprehensive STEAM educational opportunities and mentoring each Spring. By planning activities that expose black and minority communities, particularly youth, to fields they are underrepresented in, chapters generate excitement and awareness. Chapters partnered with STEAM, STEM, arts and mentoring organizations.

Event Highlights:

  • Career Fairs to expose youth to careers in STEAM, presented by YP members and other experts in a variety of fields.
  • Museum Trips to expose youth to creative and hands-on exhibits focused on science and the arts.
  • Interactive workshops hosted at area schools and stores like Microsoft and Apple to highlight engineering, in everyday life as well as in extreme circumstances.

National Voter Registration Day
Every year the National Urban League Young Professionals across the country takes collective action to ensure every voice in our community is heard through the power of the vote by our participation in National Voter Registration Day.

National Voter Registration Day was created to assist millions of Americans who find themselves unable to vote because they miss a registration deadline, don’t update their registration, or aren’t sure how to register. Aligning with NUL’s 2019 theme “Engaging New Voters,” we registered college students and young adults. While students have been the heartbeat of many civil rights and progressive movements, they oftentimes are an underrepresented voting segment in local and national elections. NULYP focused on helping to reverse this trend by empowering young voters to turn out to vote!

National Day of Empowerment
National Day of Empowerment is a partnership between the National Urban League of Young Professionals (NULYP) and the National Council of Guilds. On this day chapters throughout the country bring awareness to a topic of relevance. In 2019 the focus was around the census and in previous years it was around economic empowerment.

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