Meet our Professional Development Chair

Zakkiyya Anderson is a community developer focused on making key connections in communities to foster growth, sustainability, and access for disadvantaged communities. She is a community resource who forms strategic partnerships with community organizations so that they are not operating in silos. In her spare time, she loves tacos, football, musicals, and game nights! 

Zakkiyya is happy to serve in her role and helping grow our community! As a member of the Urban League of Hampton Roads Young Professionals, Zakkiyya has broadened her network and strengthened her skills in working with political leaders in the region. 

Zakkiyya’s expectation is to provide quality content to our members and improve her dedication to the community. As our Professional Development Chair, her goal is to have our members be consistently engaged.

Zakkiyya invites you to start empowering communities and changing lives today with us today by becoming a member!

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