Meet our Fund Development Chair

Michaela Hall is a recruiter, trainer, and facilitator with a passion for improving workplace culture. She holds a B.S. in Sociology from Bowie State University. Her perfect day includes beautiful scenery and a good book…..16Personalities: INFJ-T (Diplomat).

Michaela believes we have a lot of work to do. As the Fund Development Chair, she strives to build the partnerships and funding mechanisms to empower our leaders and members with the resources needed to make an impact and change lives.

Regularly, she wonders how to use her skills and knowledge to improve the position of her family and her community. As a member of the ULHRYP, she fulfills this desire by working toward a mission that empowers and uplifts the communities who need it most.

In her role, she informs individuals and organizations on the many ways to sponsor ULHRYP initiatives, and she manages these partnerships through fruition.

“Our work is meaningful and allies want help. Join the movement by becoming a member today!” ~Michaela Hall

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